The Daily Telegraph: Spanish Volunteers Evacuated from Ghana Due to Conflict

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According to The Daily Telegraph, a "row broke out when an aid project they signed up for via Instagram descended into chaos". Read more here. The story continues to describe the sham development project: "Volunteers complained of being left without beds or food and in some cases accommodation entirely as promised stays were cut short."



Kenyan OpEd about Violation of Childrens' Human Rights by Child Institutions

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This Kenyan OpEd by Simon Njoroge paints a staggering picture of violations of human rights by child institutions. It also shows decades of research have shown that the institutionalisation of children harms their cognitive, social, and intellectual development. Further, those who recruit children into unscrupulous homes should be charged in court and if found guilty.


Traverse Journeys Helps us Understand How to Ethically Interact with Children when Traveling Abroad

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Traverse Journeys provides a helpful guide for "When Children Sell: Ethical Tips for Travelers". Use this as a resource to better understand the realities facing children in the developing world and how best to support the children and their longterm journey to a healthy fulfilling adult life. This resource provides a number of tips, including being a "Childsafe Traveler".

Senator Linda Reynolds in Australian media today

Senator Linda Reynolds in media today talking about the link between volunteering and the suffering of children in orphanages. ReThink Orphanages is proud to be working closely with Senator Reynolds to address this issue in Australia.