World Youth Adventures

World Youth Adventures (WYA) specialise in custom school group adventures & youth adventure travel  experiences to some of the world’s most captivating destinations. 

Our experience in organising secondary school group adventures spans two decades. We are passionate about immersing young people in environments that offer unique experiences and which are bound to have profound, life changing effects.

World Expeditions

Our philosophy was a simple one; to provide extraordinary adventures for small groups of travellers with a keen focus on responsible tourism and providing support to local communities. We haven’t slowed down since.

Flight Centre Travel Group

Flight Centre Travel Group is one of the world’s largest travel agency groups, it has company-owned operations in 23 countries and a corporate travel management network that spans more than 90 countries. It employs more than 19,000 people globally and has a total of 2800 businesses.


Today, Intrepid sends over 100,000 travellers across the globe each year and employs more than 1,000 staff (many of whom don’t even have beards). And while Indiana Jones got bored of travelling after only three adventures (we don’t talk about the fourth), Intrepid is still adding to their list of over 800 different itineraries across Europe, Asia, Africa, North & South America, the Middle East, Australia and both the Arctic & Antarctica.

World Challenge

World Challenge builds the life skills young people need to live a life of courage, kindness and adventure. Today we are 30 years young, proudly travelling to over 40 destinations with over 8,000 students every year. We’re not shy in saying we lead the way in safety, quality, ethical community engagement and learning outcomes.

Tourism Cares

Tourism Cares unites the travel and tourism industry to benefit the people and places our industry depends on. We believe it’s in our best interest to support the destinations we all depend on so that communities, travelers and businesses can prosper. Our members include leading travel associations and companies who we mobilize to use business as a force for good by convening, educating, and motivating all sectors to make a positive impact through travel.
 We span and connect the entire industry to do better—together.

People & Places

The 3-way relationship between us, the local community and you, the volunteer
 We believe that volunteering isn't a replacement for a traditional holiday. Responsible volunteering can be emotionally exhausting and mentally challenging - but it can also be a profound and life-enhancing experience if you are well-prepared, well-matched with your host community and well-supported in your endeavours.

Next Generation Nepal

At Next Generation Nepal, we reconnect trafficked Nepali children with their families. Taken from rural villages, and at a young age, many of these children end up in illegal orphanages and homes. Often, they are found on the brink of starvation and in terrible conditions. With child trafficking still a major problem in Nepal, we need your help as much as ever.


Comhlamh is a growing organisation of members--people like you--who are committed to working together for a just and sustainable world for all.