Rhinah and Sylvia


This is the story of Sylvia, a baby, and her adopted mom Rhinah.

Sylvia had been found abandoned on Rhinah's doorstep in Rwanda but no one knew why. Rhinah wanted to care for her but the authorities insisted that the baby be placed in in an orphanage after a failed search for her birth parents.  

Rhinah visited Sylvia as often as she could and tried to be a stabilizing force in Rhinah's fragile life. Six and a half years later, Hope and Homes for Children worked with the Rwandan government to start the process of closing orphanages and placing children with families, finally reuniting Sylvia and Rhinah. Today, Sylvia is "an affectionate, sociable little girl who has settled into the family very well". And Rhinah has applied to formally adopt her.

You can read the whole story about Rhinah and Sylvia's reunion on Hope and Homes for Children's website,