Abide Family Center believes Families Belong Together

The reality of raising children in Uganda is obviously much different than raising children in the west. While there are difficult days in the developed-west, there are many parents in Uganda who simply cannot feed their children, provide education, or basic healthcare--it's simply too expensive. Abide Family Center is a support center that provides different options for parents. Abide provides business training to the parents, parenting training, and hygiene and healthcare training. Abide is committed to transitioning families from impoverished to happy, healthy, and sustained.  

Watch this 9-minute video to see how Abide has created a system to put a sustainable family unit at the center of care. 

Abide Family Center

Abide was founded by Kelsey Nielsen and Megan Parker. Kelsey and Megan met while volunteering in an orphanage in Jinja, Uganda. While at the orphanage they were surprised to see parents visiting their children and asked why the children were in the orphanage. They were told the children's parents could not afford to feed or care for them.

They wanted to meet these parents in that moment and give them another choice. A choice to keep their babies and stay together as a family. Since 2013 Abide has kept over 1,000 children out of orphanages.