Childs i Foundation and Foster Care

Child's i Foundation started like so many non-profits. An inspiring individual is inspired to act to make the world a better place. Inevitably, the path to improving the world, while noble, is unfortunately paved with potholes, craters, and caverns. In this story, discover how Lucy Buck, a celebrity and inspiring individual was inspired to improve the lives of Ugandan Children. She created Child's i Foundation to create a temporary home for these children. Upon discovering the damage that child institutionalization can have on children, the Child's i Foundation is now an organization that no longer runs child institutions. Now, they have an army of foster care providers that are certified and trained about the trials and tribulations of fostering children. 

Watch this 7-minute video to find out exactly how Child's i Foundation made the transition to an organization committed to fostering children.

Child's i Foundation

In 2008, Founder Lucy Buck was the voice of Channel 4’s Big Brother. Lucy vowed to set up a better orphanage, one that would look after babies only until their families or adoptive families could be found. 
Child’s i Foundation was born.
An amazing community rallied to establish 'Malaika Babies’ Home to prove every child can grow up in a family. We supported families, reunited families and made new adoptive families. As a result we closed our home.