Indian Orphanage

Meet Daisy. She, like so many of us, has a burning desire to “do good” and to “give back”. Twelve years ago, she went on a Gap Year to rural India. There, she had a “head full of ambitions and inspiration.” She worked with a local agency that placed her in an orphanage teaching English for 2 months.

While the experience was enduringly positive for her, for the children in the orphanage, it was another example of a revolving door of another role model waltzing into their lives, loving them, and escaping their reality once again. As Daisy says, “…In their small, innocent life I had brought a moment of joy. Then I abandoned them. Just like the many volunteers before and after me did.

Time after time they received love and attention and then they were abandoned again.

While Daisy should be commended for her benevolence and her commitment to a more equitable world, the revolving door of orphanage volunteering has staggering impacts to the children in these orphanages.

There’s a better way to care.

Read Daisy’s first-hand account here.

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