Griffith University Law School

Griffith Law School pioneered teaching law within its social context and offering legal clinics that gives students, hands-on experience in a structured environment. We were founded upon and remain committed to social justice and the law as an instrument of change.

STC Expeditions

We started life in 2006 and have been quietly shaking the tree of knowledge ever since. Innovative school expeditions, exceptional educational school trips abroad and a firm commitment to travel responsibly have connected us to a tribe of passionate teachers.

Projects Abroad

Projects Abroad is the leading volunteer abroad organisation, with over 10,000 volunteers choosing us every year. Volunteering on one of our projects gives you the opportunity to immerse yourself in a new culture and community, in one of 30 developing countries.

LSE Volunteer Centre

We help LSE students find a volunteering placement at a charity or not-for-profit organisation during their time studying at LSE. We offer a range of volunteering opportunities for students to get involved in whether they have one hour or two days a week to spare.

Learning Service

Learning Service offers a powerful new approach that invites volunteers to learn from host communities before trying to ‘help’ them. It’s also a thoughtful critique of the sinister side of volunteer travel; a guide for turning good intentions into effective results; and essential advice on how to make the most of your experience.