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Is your business doing the right thing for children?

Orphanage divestment resources for the travel and volunteering sectors

Through consultation with organisations that have successfully transitioned as well as leaders in tourism, volunteering and child protection, a resource has been developed to support businesses and organisations in the travel and volunteering sectors to responsibly divest from relationships with orphanages. 

The resource is based on practical experience and evidence and is designed for use by all operators that currently offer or facilitate interaction with orphanages, including visits by tourists, ‘voluntourism’ placements, and placements of all lengths for both skilled and unskilled volunteers. 

Increasingly, businesses and organisations in the travel and volunteering sectors are coming to understand that children are being separated from their families in order to be placed in residential care institutions, commonly known as orphanages, and that tourist visits to orphanages and volunteering with these vulnerable children is harmful

Many of these businesses and organisations have taken the decision to transition away from engaging with orphanages. A number of operators in both sectors have taken these steps
successfully, and others are now taking action.

The fundamental issue that these resources seek to address is that support for orphanages through tourism and volunteering is encouraging the ongoing use of orphanages, despite the known harms, and is undermining care reform efforts. There is a positive alternative to orphanages - a continuum of care that includes family and other forms of family-based alternative care.

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