Schools and universities

The following resources for schools and universities engaging in overseas student travel have been developed by three ReThink Orphanages partner organisations in Australia - Save the Children Australia, World Challenge and ALTO. Whilst these resources have been mapped specifically to the Victorian Department of Education & Training in Australia's curriculum, they may provide a useful resource, with adaptation, to other countries and regions. Work is currently underway to develop curriculum resources suitable for the US and the UK. 

Curriculum resources

To support educators in teaching about the complex issue of institutionalisation, voluntourism and orphanage tourism, a set of curriculum modules aimed at Year 10 students have been developed.

Self-assessment tool for schools and universities

A Self Assessment Tool has been developed for schools and universities to undertake due diligence on their service, volunteering and community engagement activities overseas. The Self Assessment Tool is designed to play an essential role in undertaking risk assessment and management for overseas trips and is user friendly, with clear guidance and best practice examples.

University pledge

Several universities in Europe have pledged not to support orphanage volunteering by committing to not allowing the promotion of such opportunities to their students. Find out more about the University Pledge