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These practical resources  have been developed by ReThink Orphanages partner organisations to support travel-based organisations, schools, faith-based organisations, charities and businesses to responsibly redirect their support away from orphanages. 

Resources for travel & volunteering organisations

Conversation guide for gap year advisors

A conversation guide has been developed as part of The Love You Give campaign to support volunteer-sending organisations to articulate the issues about orphanage volunteering to prospective volunteers.

Resources for schools & universities

Teaching resources

These have been designed to support educators in teaching about the complex issue of institutionalisation and orphanage tourism in the classroom. They have been developed for high school students:


Curriculum resource


Designing an ethical global service learning program
Unpacking global poverty through service learning


England curriculum resource - aimed at KS4 and KS5 and have been designed to align with the English curriculum - specifically the SMSC and PSHE criteria.

Self-assessment tool

Developed by our partner organisations in Australia - Save the Children Australia, World Challenge and ALTO - this self assessment tool helps schools and universities to conduct their own due diligence on their service learning, volunteering and community engagement activities overseas. It is user friendly, with clear guidance and best practice examples.

Awareness raising

A film screening toolkit has been developed as part of The Love You Give campaign. It provides links to download and watch the film, along with suggested topic areas to support a panel discussion for students. 

Resources for churches and other faith-based organisations

You will find some great resources developed by our faith-based partner organisations in Australia, the UK and USA. 


ACCI Missions, who also run the fantastic Kinnected website.


Christian Alliance for Orphans (CAFO)
Catholic Relief Service (CRS)
Faith to Action
SOE (Standards of Excellence in Short-term Mission)


Home for Good

Resources for business & charities

Our partner organisations in Australia have developed a Partner Due Diligence Assessment Tool for charities seeking to partner with overseas organisations who provide residential care services for children. It is designed to help charities determine if the organisation is operating in accordance with national laws, international norms and good practice principles. 

Resources for prospective volunteers

Volunteer checklist

The ReThink Orphanages Volunteer Checklist has been developed to help prospective volunteers make an informed decision about they spend their time volunteering overseas. The checklist is also available as an infographic

The Love You Give film

The Love You Give film has been developed to engage prospective volunteers to think differently about orphanages and orphanage volunteering. Four young people who grew up in orphanages in Kenya share their stories and provide compelling insight about the harmful effects of orphanages as a model of care. 

Watch our video show reel for other films developed and shared by our partner organisations