The Love You Give Campaign

The Love You Give campaign has been developed by the Better Care Network, with support from its partner organisations working through the ReThink Orphanages coalition. The cross-sectoral coalition is working to end the popular practice of orphanage volunteering and channel efforts towards programmes designed to prevent family separation.

The Love You Give Film

The Love You Give film has been developed to engage prospective volunteers to think differently about orphanages and orphanage volunteering. Four young people who grew up in orphanages in Kenya share their stories and provide compelling insight about the harmful effects of orphanages as a model of care. 

‘THE LOVE YOU GIVE’ shares untold stories of orphanages, a system that’s harming the very children we believe it protects, and how you can choose to be part of the solution. The film showcases the movement already in place in all countries to move away from using orphanages towards strengthening families and communities to prevent children from being separated from their families. The objective of this film is to make orphanage volunteering, which is currently maintaining the harmful orphanage system, a thing of the past.