If I remember well, I was 5 years old when I was picked from the streets by two Nepali women from SAATHI organization. 

My older brother told me that I was picked up without my family’s permission. I think I stayed at SAATH orphanage from around 6 years away from my family and my two elder brothers. I remember that I tried to flee twice from that place to go back home. 

I used to see some white faces and used to think why they are there? After 6 years, I was sent to another children’s home. I was 12 years old and I cried a lot and thought why am I shifted to a new place where everybody was stranger to me. In that new place, when I saw the volunteers I got scared and hid myself under the table. Our warden asked me to come out and mingle with them. They used to come twice a year but I use to think why can’t they be with me when I am sick? Why they can’t come when I want? I used to ask why do you come to meet us? I saw other children living with me beaten up and tied to the cot stand. We were all threatened not to speak a single word to the volunteers and donors. We remained quiet and wept at nights.