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Samora Asere and Ruth Wacuka - who shared stories through the Love You Give film about the impact on their lives of growing up in an orphanage -advocate for change through the Kenyan Society of Care Leavers (KESCA). Samora is chairperson and Ruth is secretary to the Society.

KESCA was first established in 2009 by and for young people who grew up in a residential care institution to address the challenges young people face when they leave care and help them deal with the traumas of their past. 

Children who grow up in an orphanage are at a much higher risk of becoming victims of violence, trafficking and exploitation. They are also at a much higher risk of homelessness, mental health challenges and suicide.

Support is provided through personal development programs and partnerships with like-minded individuals, groups and NGOs. To date, more than 200 care leavers have been supported. KESCA also advocates worldwide against the unnecessary institutionalisation of children, ensuring that the voices of young people are heard and listened to.  

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Children belong in families. Not orphanages. Find out how you can be part of the solution.