Childs i Foundation

You might recognize the name Lucy Buck, or certainly her voice, as the voice of Channel 4's Big Brother. Like so many of us, she was compelled to act against the dire circumstances beset to so many impoverished children growing up in orphanages in the developing world. She packed her bags and headed to Uganda. It felt good. Benevolent. Purpose-driven. 

That is, until baby Abraham, a 4-month old died of meningitis. In the tragic 4-months of Abraham's life, he was abandoned for 3 of those months and lived unloved in an orphanage for his last 3 months. That's when Lucy sprang into action to create the Child's i Foundation, an orphanage in name only, a temporary home for children committed to reconnecting them with their families. 

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Child's i Foundation

In 2008, Founder Lucy Buck was the voice of Channel 4’s Big Brother. Lucy vowed to set up a better orphanage, one that would look after babies only until their families or adoptive families could be found. 
Child’s i Foundation was born.
An amazing community rallied to establish 'Malaika Babies’ Home to prove every child can grow up in a family. We supported families, reunited families and made new adoptive families. As a result we closed our home.