Morgan is a young Tanzanian who is passionate about providing support to those who are in most need. Morgan is a care leaver who was inspired to study social work by seeing the dedication of the caregivers at the institution at which he spent over 10 years of his life and the difference it made to the lives of him, and other young boys who were rescued from life on the streets. Prior to living in the care facility, Morgan ran away from abusive situations in his family to try and fend for himself on the streets of Arusha and Moshi at the tender age of 8 years. Morgan is in a unique situation from which he can share his experiences with other young people of street life and also raise awareness in the community about providing proper love and care to children.

In care Morgan experienced a tough childhood where he had to grow up fast and learn to fend for himself. He also experienced the difference that having a caring adult can have in a child’s life. His life at the children’s home was good, they were provided with a safe place, their basic needs, and even the occasional treats, things he might not have had access to in his own family. Still, he feels that children should not have to grow up in institutions if there is a way to work with their families and provide them support while they remain in their families. He has experienced the disconnect that comes from not fitting back in with your own family during and after exiting the institution. As well-meaning as the institution and caregivers were, they did not help mend the rift that separated him from his family in the first place. Sure, he visited them on holidays, but he was different, he was not one of them, he was a guest in their home for a short while. Even as an adult he has not been able to repair those relations. He has watched (and tried to help) some of his friends unable to cope with life after the institutions and simply go back to street living, drug use, inability to hold jobs, and poor decision making.

He firmly believes children belong in loving supportive families and not in institutions and strives to now give hope and courage to others.